сколько о себе ни рассказывай,все равно за спиной расскажут интереснее!

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Никогда б не подумала что мне могут такое предложить :((

Serious offer please dont angry just offer
are you need money ?
I do not think bad about you will never get me wrong
i am long time alone live and i need masturbation
I have a fantasy and that fantasy girl I'm looking for
erotic fantasy show with my camera
for only 5 minutes and I am doing masturbation
I'm doing to pay 100 dollars for each show
this is a serious offer be mad
money can be better and if you accept offer and if you doing week 5 days for 5 minutes you earn 500 dollars money
just enough to see the paintings, such as
just think and answer please
i dont want see you naked just need live erotic vision whit camera

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